Riversdale Love

September 1, 2015

Lately, my energy, creativity and passion has been dedicated to a project called Riversdale Love. For awhile, this meant taking a break from the stage to pursue other passions, take care of 2 little boys, travel and conspire. I'm happy to say that my two passions, community building and songwriting, are coming together. 

Riversdale is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Saskatoon. It's where I worked with my husband Curtis Olson on building The Two Twenty, a collaborative workspace for creative industries. And it's where all my favorite haunts have emerged, like Collective Coffee and The Odd Couple. When we're in Saskatoon, we're in Riversdale--hanging with friends, enjoying the river, eating, drinking, working, thinking, being, creating. Riversdale has changed drastically in the last few years, with new people, ideas, businesses and money pouring into this highly creative, collaborative atmosphere.

Riversdale Love emerged from a desired to take the new energy in the neighbourhood and find ways for it to support the people who have been in Riversdale forever. How can new growth support the diversity of this place...not displace it? How can new investment be poured back into the people that live in Riversdale...not push them out?

On April 30 we asked 11 guest speakers AND the community of Riversdale what they envisioned for the future of the neighborhood. (See what that looked like here!) There are a handful of projects that we're now pursuing, which are a direct response to addresses the needs and imaginations of our community.

Our next event is celebrating Quint Development's 20th Anniversary on Sept 24 at Station 20 West, featuring performances by Curtis Peeteetuce, Eekwol who is revealing a sneak peak of her new album, and The Barrelmen! All the details are here. Hope you can come out, enjoy some beautiful sounds, people and join an ambitious community building project!

Art and City Building

September 25, 2014

Long time, no see! It's great to reconnect with you after a busy summer/fall! With a team of inspired organizers and volunteers, I just finished putting together Saskatoon's third annual Park(ing) Day. For pictures from this amazing one-day city building festival, visit the Two Twenty blog.This day is all about thinking about those things we often don't think about--the design of a sidewalk, the location of a tree or park bench--and the way those things influence how we engage and interact with each other in our community.

Park(ing) Day is just one of many upcoming events that I'm really excited about, and they all have a connection to Somewhere, SK--they are about unique places that create space for creativity and the arts. Here's what's going on!

Sat, Sept 27 Nuit Blanche
Saskatoon participates in this worldwide, all-night arts festival for the first time. The heart of it all happens in Riversdale, with installations at The Two Twenty and The Storefront. We'll have our giant jenga set up out front and Collective Coffee will be serving up drinks! Can't wait to see you there! For a map and list of artist performances, visit
Nuit Blanche Saskatoon on Facebook.

Thurs, Oct 2 Creative Communities Symposium
Hosted by Kaleidoscope, Centre for Creativity at Sherbrooke
Thursday, October 2, 2014 9:30AM to 4:30PM
I'm one of 8 presenters delivering Pecha Kucha style slideshows on "Conversations About the Arts in the Everyday." Contact brenda.craig@saskatoonhealthregion.ca for info or to register.

Sun, Oct 26 Ray Bonneville in Concert
One of the BEST SHOWS EVER at the Hayloft was Ray Bonneville, and I'm thrilled that he's returning to one of Saskatoon's best venues: Village Guitar & Amp! Juno winner Ray Bonneville is a blues-influenced, New Orleans-inspired “SONG AND GROOVE MAN.” Check out his music at raybonneville.com and then get tickets!
Sun, Oct 26 Doors 7pm, Show 8pm $25 online
Village Guitar & Amp, 432 20th Street W
BUY TICKETS HERE or at Village Guitar or call 306-653-2890

Booking the Somewhere, SK Tour

January 15, 2014

In fall 2014, we'll be taking Somewhere, SK on the road across Saskatchewan! Our story is your story. We're so excited to bring the show to the many communities that inspired the characters and stories behind the play. And we're eager to visit new "Somewheres" and meet more innovative folks igniting their communities with art and creativity. So bring the show to YOUR community.

Contact Cynthia Dyck at cynthia@dancingskytheatre.com and 306-376-4445 or visit our BOOKING INFO page at somewheresk.com