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Press Clippings

  • EXCLAIM! Carrie Catherine Album Review by Nereida Fernandes
    "Catherine’s warm, malleable voice, floating with ease above her carefully crafted melodies, demands recognition. Her slice-of-life lyrics, spun into captivating shorts, complete with characters, plots and conflicts, go a long way in staving off any criticism of pop pretence."

  • EDMONTON JOURNAL New mother singer-songwriter performs in Edmonton by Tom Murray
    "Catherine and her husband are prominent members of the Saskatoon music scene, not just as performers but also for the house concert series in their home, a renovated grocery store called The Hayloft. Considering the amount of promoting she does in town, it’s astonishing that she’s had time to release three acclaimed albums."

  • PLANET S The Wonders Of Wilderness: Local Singer-Songwriter Embraces Life Outside of Comfort Zone by Craig Silliphant
    "Catherine is heading off on a cross-Canada tour in support of Wilderness, but keep your eyes peeled for a chance to see Catherine live when she gets back. I was lucky enough to have Catherine and her percussionist, Hal Schrenk, as guests on my radio show, and they did a lot with a little."

  • PRAIRIE POST Wanting a child inspires performer by John R. Statton
    "Motherhood didn’t stifle Carrie Catherine’s music career, it was part of the process."

  • SASKATOON EXPRESS Carrie Catherine celebrates two new releases: Nashville Album Wilderness and Baby Eliot by Susan Busse
    "In the tradition of Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, and Norah Jones, Catherine’s Wilderness is a rootsy, sensual sounding album."

  • THE SESSION Journey Into Wilderness by Lévi Souiodre
    "The prairie chanteuse, known for her personable nature and sultry yet snug vocal stylings, vigourously welcomes the session into the hayloft, her Saskatoon home."

  • STAR PHOENIX Catherine Finds Wilderness in Nashville by Stephanie McKay
    "There is a heartbreaking longing on Rockabye, a song on Carrie Catherine’s new album Wilderness. The song and its singer ache for a baby. Today, the song retains a powerful sense of waiting. Catherine, on the other hand, can celebrate both the new album and her new addition, Eliot."

  • LEADER POST Singer creates music that's fun by Mike Shiplack
    "Award-winning singer/songwriter Carrie Catherine is going on tour with her new album Wilderness…"